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Have you ever wondered how to make sure you're as healthy as you can be be before you give birth?

Whether this is your first baby, or you've had previous pregnancy - especially if that pregnancy was more complicated - taking time and implementing health and wellness support BEFORE you become pregnant again can make all the difference in the world.

This care is also ideal for clients who have a history of pregnancy loss/miscarriage.

- Care Plan for Prenatal Preparation ~


1. Initial Visit:
Our initial visit is a detailed medical and personal history and check, lab work and initial guidance and r
ecommendations, including below:

       ~ Menstrual history review

       ~ Supplement and Nutrition initial review and recommendations

       ~ Lab tests drawn
       ~ Full/partial physical as desired/recommended

2. Care Plan Review Visit
Approximately 2-4 weeks after our initial visit, you come for your follow up visit to review your lab work and cover our individualized care plan that we have prepared for you, including below:

       ~ Detailed supplement and nutrition recommendations

       ~ Possible additional holistic support services recommendations

       ~ Education, support and informed choice



3. Follow-Up Visit

Our follow up visit is approximately 2-3 months later and includes a follow up physical and symptom evaluation, follow up lab work and review.  This informs how the initial care plan is working for you and if any updates or additions should be made.


4. Contact as Needed

Clients receive a portal login and are able to reach out to midwife as needed with updates and questions in the times between visits.


5. Additional Visits

To be scheduled as recommended by midwife or desired by client.

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