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We partner with EarthSide Billing to help provide insurance reimbursements for our clients with PPO insurance.

EarthSide specializes in getting insurance coverage for midwifery care and Out-of-Hospital Births.

~ Billing Process with EarthSide Billing ~  

PPO Insurance plans will often reimburse clients for a portion of their care.  Approval must happen before giving birth in order to qualify.

Step 1: Verification of Benefits: $40

Step 2: Approval + Filing: $300- $350


* During pregnancy, Earthside Billing will verify your benefits and file for an
In-Network exception to increase your reimbursement percentage.
Postpartum, Earthside will file the claims 
for your reimbursement. 

* We are able to accept FSA and HSA account cards to pay for services. 


** Unfortunately HMO and Medi-Cal plans do not offer any reimbursements**

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