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Some quick articles for busy parents ~

Quick & Easy Prenatal Exercises to Do with Kids  ~  You can do it

How to Prepare the Pelvic Floor  ~  Perineal floor tutorial

Pelvic floor strengthening and preventing tears in labor ~

Pelvic Exercises   ~  Pelvic floor safe exercises for pregnancy and postpartum

Epi-No  ~ A unique and effective way to prepare the perineum to minimize tears

Perineal Massage ~ A basic way to prepare the perineum to help minimize tears

An awesome exercise program for pregnancy and postpartum, especially those with persistent or more significant struggles ~

MuTu Diastasis Recti Repair  ~  Bring your ab muscles back together

MuTu Postpartum Exercises  ~  Get your muscles back


MuTu Pelvic Organ Prolapse  ~  Why Kegels aren't enough


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